Personal Support Workers Jobs

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Personal Support Workers Jobs

As a Personal Care Worker(PSW), your job is to take care of individuals who are sick, old or need assistance with every day routine. You ensure your customers are comfortable, safe and emotionally and physically fit. You may work for a care facility or in your customers’ homes as an employee assigned by a home care agency. You may likewise be self-employed and offer contract based services. This is viewed as an entry level position in the medical services field as it doesn’t need a great deal of training. Personal Care Worker is also referred to as PSW. You may likewise be known as a personal aide, personal care attendant, or home support worker.

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Responsibilities of a PSW:

  • Care for individuals and families during times of sickness or recovery. 
  • Give personal care to customers and help them move, wash, prepare and get dressed and undressed. 
  • Plan and prepare meals. 
  • Teach inexperienced parents to really focus on a baby. 
  • Change non-clean dressings and give oral medications as taught by your home care agency. 
  • Help with light housekeeping – for instance, do clothing, wash dishes and make beds. 
  • Invest time talking with your customers.

Labour Market Information

In Canada, the number of older people is increasing – a great number of individuals are above age 65. Presently, more women work outside the home and can’t give full-time care to relatives who are old, sick or have a handicap. Also, the Ontario government is promoting home medical care like Aging at Home Strategy. This implies that more individuals may get medical care at home rather than at the hospitals. This may prompt more employment opportunities for PSWs.