Nursing Jobs

Registered nurses give direct nursing care to patients, deliver health training programs and offer services like a consultation in regards to issues applicable to the profession of nursing. They are utilized in many different settings including medical clinics, nursing homes, facilities for extended care, rehabilitation centers, doctors’ clinics, facilities, community agencies, organizations, private homes, and public and private companies or they might work as self-employed nurses. We at OP Health, provide nursing services varying to your needs. From nursing at home to special personalized care packages, we provide different services to help fulfill your needs by taking care of you or your loved ones as one of our own.

Responsibilities of a Nurse

  • Assess patients to identify suitable nursing mediations.
  • Work together with individuals from an interdisciplinary health group to plan, carry out, co- ordinate and assess patient care after consulting with patients and their families.
  • Administer meds and treatments endorsed by a doctor or as per policies.
  • Screen, survey, address, record, and report indications and changes in patients’ conditions.
  • Operate medical equipment.
  • Assist in medical procedures and surgeries.
  • May supervise other registered nurses and other nursing staff.
  • Create and carry out patient release arrangements’ measures on confirmation of patients.
  • May educate and direct patients and their families on health-related issues as a team with other medical care suppliers.
  • Registered nurses may have some expertise in areas like surgeries, obstetrics care, psychiatric care, basic care, pediatrics, geriatrics, community health, emergency care, oncology, and rehabilitation.

Types of Nurses

  1. Occupational Health Nurses
  2. Community Health Nurses
  3. Psychiatric Nurses
  4. Nursing Consultants
  5. Nursing Researchers
  6. Clinical Nurses

Occupational Health Nurses

Create and carry out employee health education programs and give registered nursing care in private organizations and industries.

Community Health Nurses

Give health training and registered nursing care in local health units and through home visits, oversee complex home care cases, participate in assessing community needs and program improvement, lead disease screening, and convey immunization programs.

Psychiatric Nurses

Give nursing care, strong counseling, and life skills programming to patients in psychiatric clinics, mental health clinics, long-term care centers, and community-based settings.

Nursing Consultants

Offer consultative assistance to establishments, affiliations, and medical services associations with respect to issues and concerns applicable to the nursing calling and nursing practice.

Nursing Researchers

Occupied with research work identified with nursing, as independently employed or as utilized by clinics, public and private associations, and governments.

Clinical Nurses

Give initiative, exhortation, and direction based on research-based care for a specific group of patients within specific health care organizations.