Personalized Care Packages Designed for You

To make life easier for caregivers and clients, we have created simple service packages based around the needs of your family.

Greet the Day

Our ``Greet the Day`` package gets your loved one's day to get going by offering assistance in morning personal care and help them with their daily tasks
Nursing home care service
Respite care provider

Alive and Healthy

Our ``Alive and Healthy`` package provides assistance to your loved one's with their day to day activities to keep them going

Attendant Freedom

In a setting of choice, our Attendant Freedom package provides caregivers to take a break from the daily delivery of support and lets us provide the same level of comfort and assistance to their loved ones
Respite care provider
Nursing home care service

Memory Care

OP Health's Memory Care package provides our clients and their families with the right support to assist with cognitive changes and other challenges pertaining to memory loss

We are here to help you get started for a healthier tomorrow

If you have any queries regarding our packages please feel free to reach out to us and we will help you pick the right package for you and your loved ones.